We will work on donation base, to liberate the session from the affordability aspect and give everyone the possibility to take part of our session, your donation is not only rewarding me but also helping others that don't have the means to pay.

Suggested amounts: 5€, 10€, 15€ or more if you are feeling extra generous

DONATE HERE or use the QR code bellow.


Check agenda for changes and other dates. You are expected to bring comfortable clothing, a towel (for the glorious sweat).

If possible a yoga mat, a belt and lots of good energy.

This is the Zoom chat room we will be holding our sessions
Meeting ID: 827 6727 4955
Password: 123123

Individual sessions

One on one private sessions, where there is a possibility to make the session to mesure your practice and needs Fill in the form or contact me here.

€45/hour but can be negotiable ;)